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Directed by Mike Leigh

United Kingdom 2014 149 mins.

“Timothy Spall won the Best Actor prize at Cannes for his magnificent performance as J.M.W. Turner in this gorgeously rendered biopic of the famed British landscape painter. Before Monet and Renoir, Pissarro and Sisley—in other words, before the French Impressionists—there was Turner, one of the greatest of all English painters. J.M.W. Turner was in love with light and what it could do to buildings and cities, to sea and ships, to mountains and countryside. Choosing to focus on the artist in middle age and deeply respectful of its subject whilst probing the darker recesses of the man’s personality, Leigh finds a strange, anti-social mumbler far more comfortable with canvas and paint than the social niceties demanded of the era.”—Toronto Film Festival. “A rich, funny, moving, and extremely clear-eyed film about art and its creation.”—New York Film Festival.

Genres: Drama, Biopic