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More Sensitive

A topsy-turvy trip into a hotel room where a performer valiantly strikes the evening’s first piano chords.

Genres: Animation, Short

Other Films by Gail Noonan

An Evening With Gail Noonan

Vancouver, B.C., is home to some of the world’s great independent animators, including Gail Noonan. She studied animation at Emily Carr University of Art, and her early works featured hand-drawn cartoons confronting feminine issues related to media representation, with more recent mixed-media animations incorporating jazz and poetry. Films include: Play Ball! (1989, 2min), 16mm A film

Northwest Tracking: Trailblazing Women of Independent Animation

As a preview of the Film Center’s post-festival Northwest Tracking series showcasing six independent animation innovators, we are  pleased to offer this program sampler of their outstanding work to be featured. After the screening head on over to the Northwest Filmmakers’ Summit for a panel and conversation with the animators about their craft working in