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Directed by Irene Taylor Brodsky

Oregon, United States 2018 90 mins.

Twelve years after her award-winning documentary Hear and Now, director Irene Taylor Brodsky once more turns the camera on her family, documenting the gifts and challenges that come with being deaf. Brodsky’s teenage son Jonas, who was born with the ability to hear before going deaf as a boy, retains his hearing due to cochlear implants. Jonas is also a budding pianist, and has chosen to learn Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata for a recital. Jonas’s grandparents, Paul and Sally Taylor, who are both deaf, help Jonas by offering him a channel to relate to the world through music, all the while facing their own new trials as age takes its toll. What emerges is an incredibly moving and loving portrait of generations both separated and united through the ability to hear.

Filmography: Hear and Now (2007), Open Your Eyes (2016), Beware the Slenderman (2016), Homeless: The Soundtrack (2018)

Sponsored by All Classical Portland and the Oregon Media Production Association