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Directed by Various

2018 85 mins.

Curated by:

Gita Saedi Kiely

Director of Development, University of Montana School of Journalism & Independent Filmmaker

There is a particular flavor that is the Montana media community – it is real and tough and connected to place. Montana is vast and epic in scope and lifestyle, our film community captures that essence and frames the experience through its stories – both narrative and documentary work. Sponsored by the Montana Film Office. 

Films in this Program

Free Lunch

Directed by Ken Grinde

A cunning thief adapts to the season.

The Conservationist

Directed by Ken White

Trying to escape his complicity in an environmental disaster, a gifted economist retreats into an Eden of his own making.

Esthers’ Room

Directed by Jacob Boelman

A child's creativity is packed away as 10-year-old Esther prepares to move.


Directed by Kristen Hester

A young mother struggles with the demon of her eating disorder and the implication that it holds for her six-year-old


Directed by Laura Lovo

A young man living in Havre, Montana unintentionally becomes a knife-maker after the death of his brother.

Bring Them Home

Directed by Daniel Glick

An intimate look at the only indigenous tribal-led buffalo drive in North America.

The Hard Way

Directed by Jeremy Lurgio,, Erik Peterson

The inspirational story of Bob Hayes, an 89-year-old trail runner who does things the hard way to maintain purpose, momentum,