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Directed by Gürcan Keltek

Turkey, Netherlands 2018 118 mins. In Turkish with subtitles

Captured during a recent crucial juncture in the Kurdish-Turkish conflict that has raged in Southeast Turkey since 1978, Keltek’s poetic film is grounded in the brutal reality of this long-standing war, but also attuned to greater cosmic questions, working thrillingly in multiple modes. Oscillating between perceptive bystander-shot footage of the conflict and intimate interviews with locals, Keltek reaches for what is universal in a conflict like this—increasingly less unique in our turbulent modern world— whether that’s in a roiling cityscape or a lush yet contested countryside populated more by animals than by humans. Then there’s the can’t-miss final section of this singular film, one of the great stop-on-a-dime moments of recent cinema that will leave you transfixed in a way that only big-screen cinema can do.

Filmography: Gulyabani (2018)

Content warning: scenes of war