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Directed by Joshua Z. Weinstein

United States, Israel 2017 82 mins. In Yiddish

Deep in the heart of New York’s ultra-orthodox Hasidic Jewish community, Menashe—a kind, hapless grocery store clerk—struggles to make ends meet and responsibly parent his young son, Rieven, following his wife Leah’s death. Tradition prohibits Menashe from raising his son alone, so Rieven’s strict uncle adopts him, leaving Menashe heartbroken. When his rabbi grants him one special week with Rieven before Leah’s memorial, he has a chance to prove himself a suitable man of faith and fatherhood, and restore respect among his doubters. Weinstein’s film is a poignant and funny parable about the tension between best intentions and the effort to uphold them. In Yiddish with English subtitles.

“How did a Sundance filmmaker shoot a scripted movie in the insulated world of New York’s Hasidim?” —LA Times