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Directed by Frederick Wiseman

United States 1976 112 mins. In English

After spending much of the 1960s and early 1970s examining the complexity of official institutions of American life—the school, the court, the military, bureaucracy—Wiseman here turns his lens toward the food industry, specifically the production of beef and lamb. At times grisly but wholly incisive, MEAT is more than a precursor to politically aware documentary exposés on industrial food production; it is a deeper look at American life through the prism of a basic human need. “As always, [Wiseman] treats his viewer as a person of intelligence who can put together their own pattern of meaning without narration. And as always, he leads us to probe ourselves to see how we feel about what we are seeing on the screen. Like Wiseman’s earlier films, MEAT is disturbing, revealing, surprising—and masterful cinema.”—London Film Festival.