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Directed by Leos Carax

France 1986 105 mins. In French

The follow-up to BOY MEETS GIRL, MAUVAIS SANG is an exhilarating mixture of classic French crime thriller and spectacular Vincente Minnelli-like romance. Always on the prowl, Alex (Denis Lavant) joins a gang of thugs to steal the serum for a virus that kills people who “make love without love.” Then, with bold precision, the story shifts from heady pulp fiction to Alex’s insanely charged love affair with Anna (Juliette Binoche), the girlfriend of one of his gang mates. An intoxicating, if melancholy, vision of love in the age of AIDS, Carax’s bittersweet homage is “visually exuberant…. Blows most contemporary movies from any culture out of the water.” —Village Voice.