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Directed by Thomas Imbach

Switzerland 2013 120 mins. In French, English

This sumptuous historical drama provides a riveting psychological portrait of the woman who became a pawn in the 16th-century conflict between Protestants and Catholics. As a child, Catholic Mary (Camille Rutherford) is sent to France to marry the future king. After his premature death, she returns to Scotland and, to her regret, marries Lord Darnle. In love with the Earl of Bothwell, the two plot Darnle’s demise. When her life is thrown into political turmoil after Darnle’s death, Mary seeks help from her Protestant cousin, Elizabeth I, the queen of England—who, threated by her rivalry, has Mary imprisoned and, after 18 years, beheaded. Rather than focusing on dramatic incident, Imbach takes a personal look at British royal tragedy and the story of a woman haunted by expectations and torn between romance and duty.