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Mary Poppins

Winner of five Oscars, including Best Music and Best Actress for Julie Andrews, and nominated for seven more, Mary Poppins tells the story of a magical nanny hired by wealthy, workaholic parents to oversee their bored and neglected children. Mary (Julie Andrews) and her Cockney chimney-sweep friend Bert (Dick Van Dyke) embark on a series of fantastical adventures that enchant the children and get them to pass sunny enthusiasm on to their preoccupied parents.

Appears in: Kid Flicks

Genres: Musical

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Jayne Eyre

Charlotte Brönte’s gothic 1847 novel about a penniless girl’s resolute journey through life stars Welles as the mysterious, brooding Edward Rochester, wealthy lord of Thornfield Hall who employs (and falls in love with) the titular heroine (Joan Fontaine). We follow Jane from girlhood through her early adulthood, from brutal reform schools to her work as