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Directed by Adam Elliot

Australia 2009 92 mins.

In this touching, clay-animated tale of profound intergenerational connection, Elliot spins the story of Mary, a lonely Australian girl from a broken home, who starts a letter correspondence with a complete stranger. Her pen pal turns out to be Max (voiced by the late great Philip Seymour Hoffman), an obese, anxiety-riddled New Yorker four times her age. As Mary grows up and their relationship deepens, her questions to Max become increasingly adult, pushing him into a downward spiral that forces him to gain new awareness of the roots of his condition. After twenty years of ongoing correspondence, Mary is a successful psychologist, writing a book on Asperger Syndrome stemming from her discussions with Max. However, his reaction upon learning about the book threatens their friendship and throws both of their worlds into chaos. Winner of the Grand Prize at the Ottawa International Animation Festival.