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Directed by Brillante Mendoza

Philippines 2016 110 mins. In Filipino, Tagalog

In the slums of Manila, you pay the police, or you go to jail, if not your grave. Based on true events, Mendoza’s film mixes drama and documentary-like scenarios to tell the story of Ma’Rosa, a shopkeeper who helps make ends meet by selling small quantities of drugs under the counter. When the police arrest her and her husband, their children are forced to pay a high price for their release. A sometimes wry dispatch from the war on the poor, Ma’Rosa, this year’s Philippine Oscar submission, examines the price of survival in a society governed by corruption and violence.

Reviews: Hollywood Reporter, Variety,

Interview: Interview with Brilliante Mendoza at Fandor Keyframe

Filmography: Trap (2015), Sapi (2013), Thy Womb (2012), Captive (2012), Grandmother (2009), Kinatay (2009), Summer Heat (2006)