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Directed by Xavier Giannoli

France 2015 129 mins.

“Imagine a collaboration between Vladimir Nabokov and Billy Wilder and you will have some idea of the riches provided by this tragicomedy from writer-director Xavier Giannoli and co-writer Marcia Romano. A 1920’s French would-be opera diva (Catherine Frot), of great wealth and zero singing talent, finds her intricate fantasy of artistic accomplishment enabled by Madelbos (Denis Mpunga), a butler with his own aesthetic strivings. Meanwhile, her long-suffering husband (André Marcon) remains terrified of telling his wife the truth, and perhaps most memorably, her financially needy singing-coach, spouts his self-serving euphemism, ‘sublimity and the ridiculous are never far apart,’ a phrase that distills Marguerite’s ironic, anguished wisdom.” —Telluride Film Festival.

Sponsored by TV5MONDE and Alliance Française.