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Directed by Victor Fleming

United States 1926 86 mins. In English

Paramount Pictures paid $50,000 for Sinclair Lewis’s justifiably forgotten novel MANTRAP, but happily, screenwriters Ethel Doherty and Adelaide Heilbron turned Lewis’s misogynistic tirade into a light-as-a-feather comedy romp. New York lawyer Ralph Prescott and a friend escape city life on a camping trip near Mantrap, Canada, but soon find themselves out of their depth. After the two get into a fight, a local trading post owner takes Prescott home, where Prescott meets his flirtatious new wife Alverna (Clara Bow). Sparks fly instantly between Prescott and Alverna—all thanks to Bow and her Jazz Age characterization of an outrageous good-time girl who leads at least two men by the nose but nevertheless honors her commitment…at least until the next prospect comes along.