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Directed by Leo McCarey

United States 1937 91 mins. In English

Director Leo McCarey made a wonderful career out of comedies like Duck Soup and The Awful Truth, but this underrated dramatic gem, with more than its fair share of comedy alongside, is one of his foremost works—a minor-key masterpiece of aging, memory, and inevitable change. An elderly couple (Beulah Bondi and Victor Moore) lose their house to the bank, forcing them to move in with their grown children. There’s little room to spare, but one last trip to the city allows them space to get away from the particularity and hectic (“modern”) nature of their children’s lives—all of whom seem to have less time for their parents than ever. “One of the most unjustly forgotten pictures ever to come out of the studio system.”—Turner Classic Movies. “If I really have talent, this is where it appears.”—Leo McCarey

Genres: Comedy, Drama

Appears in: Essential Cinema