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Directed by Wayne Wapeemukwa

British Columbia 2017 90 mins. In English

Luk’Luk’I is the Coast-Salish name for the swampy area known today as Vancouver’s downtown Eastside, an area known for its troubled past. Wayne Wappemuka’s debut feature takes place during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and juxtaposes the excitement and fervor surrounding the Canada-USA gold medal hockey game with five Vancouverites on the fringes of a society in celebration. Using mostly non-actors placed in fictional scenarios as themselves, Wapeemukwa exemplifies a more comprehensive and complex truth about the Eastside, as well as a nation’s patriotism that overlooks its not-too-distant colonial invasion. As the puck drops and national pride swells, Wapeemukwa counters with a story somewhere between fiction we need to see and a documentary we wish did not have to exist.