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Lost Horizon

Written by acclaimed screenwriter Robert Riskin (It Happened One Night, Meet John Doe), and using a great deal of Columbia’s annual production budget, Capra’s fantastical film had a troubled production and even more troubled history, replete with lost footage, multiple endings, piecemeal restorations, and a place in film history as one of the wildest products to emerge from the classical Hollywood system. Fleeing a war-torn Chinese city during a Japanese invasion, Robert Conway (Ronald Colman), a diplomat and writer, falls in with a ragtag group of expats, but their plane, caught in a storm, crashes into the Himalayas. Upon their discovery by a bizarre caravan led by Chang (H.B. Warner), they are taken to Shangri-La, a mountain Utopia, where everything is peaceful and war is non-existent. However, Robert feels they have been captured and brought there for a very specific reason, one that only the mysterious High Lama (Sam Jaffe) can relate to him. Academy Awards for Best Interior Decoration and Best Editing.

Genres: Drama

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American Madness

Producer Harry Cohn made Columbia Pictures one of the key studios of the early 1930s, perhaps the greatest purveyor of screwball comedy, and he forged a long and wildly successful relationship with Frank Capra, still one of Hollywood’s most revered filmmakers. Before films like It Happened One Night and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Capra

Meet John Doe

A film about an unexpected media sensation run amok on the American public, Meet John Doe stars Barbara Stanwyck as about-to-be-unemployed newspaper reporter Ann Mitchell, who, as a final act of defiance, pens a fake letter to the editor about a John Doe who will commit suicide on Christmas in protest of rampant social injustice

It Happened One Night

Both at the peak of their considerable powers, Clark Gable stars opposite Claudette Colbert in Capra’s deeply felt, humane masterpiece of the recently-inaugurated Hays Code era. Ellie Andrews (Colbert), running from her father in the wake of her elopement with a dashing pilot, meets struggling newspaper reporter Peter Warne (Gable) on a New-York-to-Florida bus. Peter