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Losing Alberta: Gentrification in Northeast Portland

How gentrification has changed a Northeast Portland community. Winner of a 2016 Fresh Film Northwest Integrative Learning Award.

I lived just South of Alberta for most of my childhood, until my rent became too high and I had to move. My coworker, Joshua Webb, has lived North of Alberta for his entire life, and has watched his neighborhood change steadily throughout his life. Our backgrounds provided a personal tie to a topic too close to home to not talk about. — Sawyer Montgomery

Genres: Documentary

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18-year-old artist and activist Ameya Marie fights for change by creating pieces that address topics such as police brutality, school shootings, and misrepresentation of people of color in the media.

Coping with Grief

A young woman copes with the loss of her mother by finding community in Portland.  From filmmaker Mackie Mallison: This film was created to let others know who are experiencing similar struggles as Arita-Guerrero’s that they are not alone. Coping with grief is a topic that often goes unheard of. It’s a hard discussion to have.