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Losing Alberta: Gentrification in Northeast Portland

How gentrification has changed a Northeast Portland community. Winner of a 2016 Fresh Film Northwest Integrative Learning Award.

I lived just South of Alberta for most of my childhood, until my rent became too high and I had to move. My coworker, Joshua Webb, has lived North of Alberta for his entire life, and has watched his neighborhood change steadily throughout his life. Our backgrounds provided a personal tie to a topic too close to home to not talk about. — Sawyer Montgomery

Genres: Documentary

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Coping with Grief

A young woman copes with the loss of her mother by finding community in Portland.  From filmmaker Mackie Mallison: This film was created to let others know who are experiencing similar struggles as Arita-Guerrero’s that they are not alone. Coping with grief is a topic that often goes unheard of. It’s a hard discussion to have.