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Directed by Kathy Kasic

Montana 2015 60 mins.

In the second film of Northwest Tracking Farm Edition: Industry and Animal Husbandry, we turn to Loose Horses, a film focusing on the intermediary auction pens by which horses might either find a new life or be sent to the slaughterhouse. Shot in Billings, Montana, the film examines the human-equine bond and how lines are drawn between emotion and necessity as domestic horses fall victim to age, health, or simple lack of funds. A gruff Montana cowboy named Buzz is featured alongside a horse known only as #1052 as we follow the paths of life and death.

The Portland premiere of Loose Horses will be preceded by a panel with filmmakers from all of the films in the Northwest Tracking Farm Edition as well as special guest Frann Michel, chair of film studies at Willamette University, and Michael Moss, a founder and creator of the small farmers reclamation act. The panel will focus on topics brought forth in all of the films including the process of documentary filmmaking itself.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Northwest Tracking