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Directed by Rachel Mason

United States 2014 70 mins.

Rachel Mason wrote, directed and stars in this inventive cinematic rock-opera-fantasy inspired by a true story. On January 16, 1936, the deaths of two men—both named Hamilton Fish—were printed on the front page of the Peekskill Evening Star News. Hamilton Fish II was a descendant of one of the state’s most prominent families, and Hamilton “Albert” Fish was a notorious serial killer. In HAMILTON FISH, Mason plays—and sings—the role of a newspaper editor obsessed with the coincidence of their juxtaposed obituaries. A surreal tale unfolds in which supernatural events and historic facts merge in a fanciful musical journey. “She inhabits both their psyches, and the facts of their lives blur together and veer toward fantasy: there are dances in gazebos, strangely painted faces, songs about fish out of water, about the killer’s self-doubt.”—LA Weekly.

Genres: Musical, Dance