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Directed by Jan Balej

Czech Republic 2015 72 mins. In Czech

Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid, the fairy-tale story of a love capable of forgiving even the greatest betrayal, takes new form in a story transposed from the depths of the sea to lives set in a bustling city harbor. Here. Little, the youngest daughter of the Sea King, embarks on a sorrowful romance with a brothel owner in a quest to be human. One of the first Czech feature-length puppet films to use both puppet and digital animation Balej’s film is “A treat for stop-motion connoisseurs . . . this touching, technically inventive twist on a classic forge[s] . . . a vivid world of equal parts urban realism and Expressionist grotesquerie.” – Variety. Ages 18+.

Genres: Animation

Appears in: New Czech Cinema