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Directed by Vasco Viana, Rita Maia

Portugal 2019 75 mins. In Portuguese with English subtitles

This pulsating film tracks the musical explorations of a crew of Lisbon music producers from diverse backgrounds—immigrants from Angola, São Tome, Cabo Verde, and Guinea Bissau who have shaped the Lisbon sound in the last several years. Primarily focused on batida (“my beat”), a style of typically-vocal-free, inexpensively-produced electronic music somewhat similar to UK grime or American-South trap music, Lisbon Beat goes behind the scenes of productions and parties, providing a glimpse into lives shaped by the search for the perfect beat. Batida, popularized mostly by the Príncipe Discos label and producers like DJ Nigga Fox and DJ Marfox, can regularly be heard blasting throughout the Lisbon suburbs; ultra-catchy beats and phrases sounding out amongst the buildings, signaling a post-colonial flourishing of artistic production and collective expression.

Part of the 37th Annual Reel Music Festival.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Reel Music 37