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Directed by Abbas Kiarostami

Japan, France 2012 109 mins. In Japanese with English subtitles

Kiarostami’s final narrative feature before his death in 2016 is the beguiling Like Someone in Love, a strange sort of love triangle film set on the outskirts of Tokyo. Akiko (Rin Takanashi), a professional escort, is assigned one night to Takashi (Tadashi Okuno), an elderly professor. Takashi is lonely and looking for companionship, but not of the kind Akiko typically deals in. Meanwhile, Akiko’s mercurial boyfriend Noriaki (Ryō Kase), an auto mechanic who pines for marriage, is not-so-blissfully unaware of her work. As motivations of the trio become clearer and the long night-into-day wears on, their conflicting identities begin to blur (in trademark Kiarostami fashion) and they engage in complex relational webs—across gender and generational lines in particular.

Along with Kiarostami’s images, his wisdom—his experience—will endure, burned into memory; he offers not just images of characters or of action but of life, of life as such. His immediate and instant fusion of philosophical thought, intimate detail, and the very act of cinematic vision makes this film one of his very greatest, certainly among the singular and crucial movies of recent years  Richard Brody, The New Yorker