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Life Kills Me

Life and death come wrapped in a mutual embrace in this absurd, poignant comedy about an unlikely friendship between a morbidly obsessed drifter and a grieving young cinematographer at work on a seriously schlocky low-budget horror film—scenes from which constitute the only color sequences in this intentionally gray-toned homage to melancholy and rebirth. Reveling in a blend of sardonic humor and loving characterization, Silva displays a sure, discerning style in this compassionate vision of frail, unforgettable lives. “A smart, dryly funny film whose roots in tragedy do not prevent Silva from indulging in some truly brilliant sight gags and bursts of the fantastic…with a strong voice, clear vision, and enough raw talent to make the transition between mediums appear simple. Expect great things.”—Twitch Film.

Appears in: Global Lens

Genres: Comedy, Drama