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Directed by Geetu Mohandas

India 2013 104 mins. In Hindi

Part road movie, part slow-burn thriller, actress Geetu Mohandas’s atmospheric film examines the ominous undercurrents in contemporary working-class India. Kamala has not heard from her husband, who is away on a construction job in the city. Though others in their rural village near the Tibetan border know of men who started new families and never returned, they urge Kamala to wait to hear from him. She refuses, setting off with her young daughter and pet goat on a dangerous and unprepared for journey to Delhi. Along the way, they encounter the mysterious Nawazuddin, who acts as a reluctant guide and protector to the pair for his own unclear motives. This year’s Indian submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. In Hindi with English subtitles. First feature.