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Le jour se lève

Like his classic The Children of Paradise, Carné’s haunting noir is one of the classics of French poetic realism and considered by many to be his greatest film. François (Jean Gabin), a factory worker, reflects on the circumstances of love, rivalry, and betrayal that have led to his standoff in a police dragnet. Holed up in a claustrophobic flat, he reflects on the circumstances—a love affair with Francoise (Jacqueline Laurent), the knowledge that she is under the spell of the devious Valentin (Jules Berry), and a romance with Clara (Arletty), Valentin’s assistant—that have led him, inexorably, to murder. “An unapologetically adult classic of Romantic Fatalism…Of all the memorable films starring French icon Jean Gabin, none more richly rewards a viewing today than Carné’s melancholy masterpiece.”– Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times.

Genres: Drama

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Port of Shadows

The first of the collaborations between director Marcel Carné and writer Jacques Prévert, who would go on to make LE JOUR SE LÈVE (1939) and CHILDREN OF PARADISE (1945), PORT OF SHADOWS is a melancholy poem of life and death in the lower depths of Le Havre. Jean Gabin projects stubborn dignity and deep weariness

Children of Paradise

“Generally considered among French, if not world, cinema’s greatest accomplishments, Carné’s film features not only grand settings but an extraordinary assemblage of actors—Étienne Decroux, who taught mime art to Marcel Marceau and Jean-Louis Barrault; Pierre Brasseur; Pierre Renoir; Maria Casares; Arletty; and more. The script, based on a mélange of French literary sources, centers on