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Directed by Narimane Mari

France, Algeria, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Qatar 2017 144 mins. In Arabic, French, Greek, English

In a film that walks a thin line between fact and fiction, Mari’s disparately linked narratives grapple with the legacy of European political violence from colonial and structural perspectives. Beginning with surprisingly bittersweet scenes of the Algerian War, moving to a freewheeling utopian commune, followed by interviews with contemporary Greek activists, the film probes collective memory and the cyclical history of violence at a crossroads in global politics. “I want to remind ourselves that we are flesh, blood, eyes, and love. We possess the freedom not to be slaves of ideology, or order. That’s part of my dream, tu vois?” —Narimane Mari. In Arabic, French, Greek, and English with English subtitles.

Filmography: Bloody Beans (2013)

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