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Swirling in flight, the Vaux’s Swifts layover for three weeks in Portland each fall on their migration to South America.

Genres: Northwest Filmmaker, Short

Other Films by Vanessa Renwick


Always Coming Home A white dog with blue eyes, returning home when old. A people at home in the left coast wilds as the animals they are. Some half human. North Owl, half person, raised by a woman of the matriarchal Valley, fathered by a passing Condor warrior.  She said to me, “I am here”.

Land of the Free

Clouds drifting over land act as a backdrop for a textual exploration of colonialism and ownership.

SF Hitch

Renwick reflects on a 1981 trip she took with her wolf dog to San Francisco “where even the bums were good-looking.”

Crack House

Fragmentary glimpses suggest a peaceful Buddhist garden surprisingly embedded within Jeffrey Bale’s Crack House paradise.

Portland Meadows

This rhythmic portrait explores the sights and sounds of Portland’s horse racetrack.