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Late For My Mother’s Funeral

  • Directed by Penny Allen
  • France/Algeria/Morocco, 2013, 78 mins., French

Former Portland director Penny Allen’s (PROPERTY, PAYDIRT) new film is the intimate, turbulent portrait of a French-Algerian-Moroccan family residing in Algeria and adrift following the death of their mother, Zineb, a notorious smuggler of gold and jewels. Filmed over the course of three years, the film finds its own space between documentary and fiction as the family’s story brings to life the complexities of cross-border identities, the influence of political context on individual lives, and the importance of the mother figure in Arab/Islamic cultures. “In this human comedy, questions of identity, origins, and evolutions come out of life itself. And we are amazed that the camera has captured the profound humanity behind fleeting images.”—Maghreb Films, Paris.

Genres: Drama, Historical

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