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Directed by Martin Zandvliet

Denmark, Germany 2016 101 mins. In Danish, German, English

Land of Mine surfaces a little-known story that took place in 1945 as the five-year Nazi occupation of the country ended. The Germans left behind more than a million land mines that needed to be removed. Who better to sacrifice for the hazard than untrained teenage German POWs? On a barren beach on the west coast, Zandvliet unfolds a gripping story that explores issues of post-war retribution and culpability while shifting perceptions of perpetrators and victims. This year’s Danish submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. In Danish and German with English subtitles.

Reviews: Variety, Hollywood Reporter, NPR, Screen Daily

Filmography: A Funny Man (2011), Applause (2009), Angels of Brooklyn (2002)