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Directed by Aurel Klimt

Czech Republic 2018 88 mins. In Czech with subtitles

Aurel Klimt’s animated feature debut envisions an alternate history of the fate of Laika, the Russian dog used as a test subject in the early days of Sputnik program. Instead of a sacrificial lamb, Klimt imagines Laika being transported to a planet where various animals from the space programs of other nations all cohabitate, coming to terms with their new surroundings. Filled with jaunty musical numbers, inventive alien landscapes, and their inhabitants, Lajka is a burst of pure fun—easily the zaniest international animated film for adults masquerading as a children’s entertainment since A Town Called Panic. “Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs may be given a run for its money by Lajka, an utterly charming, whimsical, and funny animated musical about the famous space dog that died in the launching of Sputnik 2.” —Sharon Gissy, Daily Grindhouse. Ages 12+.

Filmography: First feature

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