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Directed by Genevieve Roudane

Oregon 2018 61 mins. In Spanish with English subtitles

In a small town in Mexico, once a year, men transform into women and become the Chunta. Follow two gender-bending gangs of dancers as they face off in a struggle between queer identity and powerful traditions.

This documentary film gets up close and personal with two rival dance groups as they prepare for the annual Fiesta Grande. One group is made up of traditionalists who believe that only straight men should wear the gowns and makeup, and the other welcomes dancers of all identities– especially those who face violence for being out and proud. As the present mixes with the past, how might an event rooted in gender fluidity act as a support system—or ring for confrontation? Join Director Roudané for a question and answer following the film, and come early for a reception!

Appears in: Northwest Tracking