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Directed by Heather Lenz

United States 2018 76 mins. In English, Japanese with subtitles

Lenz’s revealing documentary follows the fine artist Yayoi Kusama, now in her 80s, on a kaleidoscopic journey through her history as one of Japan’s most well-known and best-selling artists. Known for her intensely patterned, colorful world (including her trademark bright red hair), Kusama has lived in a mental hospital for the past 30 years, struggling with illness despite her worldwide success. While the artist came from a deeply unsupportive and conservative household, Kusama has created some of the most tactile, truly engaging art of the 20th century, and this endearing film allows the opportunity to dive into her work and thought process—a treat for fans and newcomers alike.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Weekend Engagements