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Directed by Andrew Finnigan

Washington, United States 2014 94 mins.

In a post-American, post-civilization era, billions of people have mysteriously vanished. The cities, left in shambles, are now hubs for the ugliest crimes imaginable. Having lost his family, John heads into the woods to find a mythical town called Faraday. Rumors have spread that its residents have technologically adapted themselves beyond normal human capabilities, and he believes they might be able to save him or help him discover where his family has gone. Tortured physically, mentally, and spiritually, and fighting to survive, John discovers the nearly dead Gaby, whom he nurses back to health. As they share stories about how their lives used to be, what they believe happened, and what lies ahead for their survival, belief and memory are put to the test.

Genres: Drama

Appears in: Northwest Tracking