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Directed by Eric Steel

United States, United Kingdom 2013 80 mins.

Reading the obituaries in The New York Times, Eric Steel wondered at how a life’s essence can be captured and immortalized in just a few words. The obituary of a Scottish fishing fly-maker, Megan Boyd, captured his imagination, and after a decade of thinking about her, he finally set off to make this meditative reflection on a most unusual creative being. Self-taught in the artful craft of fly-making, Boyd’s fishing flies—fashioned from twirled bits of feather, fur, silk, silver, and gold—became internationally renowned. Though she lived alone in the small stone cottage she grew up in, with no running water, her flies seduced sportsmen, art lovers, and fish worldwide. Boyd’s mythic reputation earned her the Queen’s British Empire Medal and, here, an elegant film that—through striking cinematography, lively friends, and loving animation—reveals that in every strand, in every fiber, there was a story, a fairy tale, a truth waiting to be unraveled.