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King Kong

At the time of its release, King Kong was the greatest spectacle the filmgoing public had ever seen. A classic tale of adventure and reckless exploitation, the story follows ambitious filmmaker Carl Denham (Robert Armstrong) as he embarks on a dangerous project in an unknown land. Unable to find a suitable leading lady for his film, he resorts to casting Ann Darrow (Fay Wray), whom he finds on the streets of New York City. Together they embark on a journey to the South Pacific, where Denham plans to find a secret island on which lives a creature called “Kong.” The rest of the story is firmly entrenched in Hollywood lore: the great ape becomes smitten with Ann, and when Denham manages to bring Kong back to New York for his film’s big premiere, the beast breaks loose and terrorizes the city in one of the most lavish and exciting action sequences in cinema history.

Genres: Drama, Fantasy

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This is Cinerama

Cinerama, introduced to the film-going public in 1952, was a key technology in the mid-50’s rush to innovate on the big screen as television threatened the movie theater’s very existence. Consisting of three 35mm images laid next to each other and projected onto a curved, extremely wide screen, Cinerama images were, at the time, the