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Directed by Attila Till

Hungary 2016 105 mins. In Hungarian

In this exuberant coming-of-age crime comedy, two aspiring comic book artists with disabilities become embroiled in the schemes of an enigmatic wheelchairusing hitman named Rupaszov. Recruiting the pair as his accomplices, Rupaszov initiates them into the fast-paced world of gangsters, guns, and Serbian crime lords. The action-packed journey leads to a more tender tale in which the lines between reality and fantasy defy expectation at every turn. With stellar cinematography, a mix of live action and animation, and a dark sense of humor, Till’s debut Kills on Wheels mashes genres as it rolls crazily along. This year’s Hungarian submission for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar. Hungarian Oscar submission.

Reviews: Variety, Indiewire, Cineuropa

Filmography: Panic (2008)