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MUSEUM AND NWFC CLOSED: The Portland Art Museum and Northwest Film Center are closed in an effort to further stem the spread of COVID-19. All public programs, screenings, and events are canceled until further notice. Stay connected to art, film, and more by signing up for our newsletter.

VISITING ARTIST—Eugene filmmaker Henry Weintraub’s (THE DARKEST CORNER OF PARADISE) new feature follows fame-obsessed Aaron Schwartz, who has finally figured out the surefire way to notoriety—becoming an infamous serial killer. The only problem is that he lacks the killer instinct—he couldn’t hurt a flea. As the years roll by, he drifts into the malaise of responsible adulthood, and his dark desires become more and more faint until a real serial killer comes to town and Aaron seizes the opportunity to learn a few tips from an expert. “Fiercely independent, with a dark sense of humor… [Weintraub’s] end goal isn’t fame and fortune but the satisfaction of making the movie he wants to.”—Eugene Weekly.