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Directed by John Huston

United States 1948 100 mins.

The fourth and final Bogie and Bacall film reunited Bogart (for the third time) with his old drinking buddy and director John Huston. Adapted from a Broadway play by Maxwell Anderson (The Wrong Man, All Quiet on the Western Front), Key Largo is a hybridized noir with callbacks to the classic gangster films of the 1930s. Bogart plays a World War II veteran whose moral duty places him and the widow of a fallen comrade in the crosshairs of a seedy criminal (Edward G. Robinson) and his goons. Add an approaching hurricane into the mix and you have a near-perfect, tropical potboiler of a film. “In many ways, Key Largo is the definitive post-war film.”—David Crow, Den of Geek.

Preceded by:

For Jean-Pierre Melville, OR, 2015
dir. Ira Flowers (6 mins., Short film, Digital)
An assassin is running against the clock in this love letter to French New Wave cinema. Audience award for best narrative short at the 42nd Northwest Filmmakers’ Festival.

Featuring live music from Shelley Short