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Directed by Federico Fellini

Italy 1965 148 mins.

The female counterpoint to , Fellini ventures deeply into the surreal as Juliet of the Spirits explores the repressed desires of a bourgeois housewife, played by Giulietta Masina who stars as a middle-aged woman haunted by hallucinations from her past and subconscious. While her husband philanders, she consults clairvoyants and mediums and escapes into a world of imagination drawn from the “spirits” of her past, present, and future. In an effort to prevent her world from crumbling, she confronts the specters and fantasies that have imprisoned her throughout her life. A lavish and baroque visual spectacle, Juliet boasts Gianni de Venanzo’s brilliant cinematography, a memorable score by Nino Rota, and the opulent fashion designs of Piero Gheradi, who won Oscars for Best Costume Design for La Dolce Vita and . Winner of the Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Language Picture.

Genres: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy

Appears in: Italian Style