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Directed by Philip Martin, Gaku Narita

Japan 2012 92 mins. In Japanese

Following the success of the 2011 crowd-sourced YouTube film LIFE IN A DAY, producer Ridley Scott teamed with Fuji Television to capture life in Japan after the March 11, 2011, earthquake and tsunami. On the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, 8,000 people across Japan recorded their experiences: an elderly couple combs through the wrecked home of a lost friend, a father monitors radiation levels in the backyard where his children play, a young man ponders the beauty of cherry blossoms blooming amidst the devastation,and a little girl born during the earthquake celebrates her first birthday. From over 300 hours of submitted footage, directors Martin and Narita have woven a moving, life-affirming film celebrating the courage and resilience of the Japanese people and the human spirit.

Genres: Documentary