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Directed by Frank Capra

United States 1934 105 mins.

Both at the peak of their considerable powers, Clark Gable stars opposite Claudette Colbert in Capra’s deeply felt, humane masterpiece of the recently-inaugurated Hays Code era. Ellie Andrews (Colbert), running from her father in the wake of her elopement with a dashing pilot, meets struggling newspaper reporter Peter Warne (Gable) on a New-York-to-Florida bus. Peter offers to either help Ellie reunite with her beau—somewhat selfishly, as he wants an exclusive on the story—or turn her in to her father. Here, Ellie’s choice is easy, but as she and Peter grow closer on their trip, populated with salt-of-the-earth working class folks, she has a much tougher decision to make: who will she choose to spend the rest of her life with? “Even though Capra’s film won all five of the top Oscars, it’s still pretty good.”—Dave Kehr,Chicago Reader.