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Directed by Gastón Solnicki

Austria, Argentina 2018 70 mins. In Spanish, German, English with subtitles

When longtime Viennale director Hans Hurch died suddenly in the Summer of 2017, the film world lost an immense figure and director Solnicki lost a great friend, one who had provided him guidance and a keen eye for details. From this tragic situation Solnicki coaxes a startling film of great tenderness and emotional rawness, traveling to Vienna once more to inhabit Hurch’s daily routines: a welcoming cup of coffee here, a stolen restaurant plate there; a silky black suit here, a beautifully and thoroughly Viennese concert piano there. So unfolds this poetic work, an unusual kind of diary film in which the residue of a life fully lived and enjoyed becomes palpable through one man’s piercingly honest tribute to a lasting friendship.

Filmography: Papirosen (2011), Kékszakállú (2016)

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