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Directed by Various

80 mins.

Portland visual artist and animator Rose Bond, a faculty member at the Pacific Northwest College of Art, has selected this program of innovative short films by independent animators from throughout the world. A mixture of new and vintage, the program includes The Little Baker, Lew Cook (c. 1925, 7 mins.); Murratti Marches, Oskar Fischinger (1934, 2.5 mins.); The Devil’s Ball, Ladislav Starewitch (1933, 10 mins.); Baby Snakes, Bruce Bickford (1994, 3 min. excerpt); Mr. Resistor, Mark Gustafson (1994, 8 mins.); Reloaded, Marieke Verbiesen (2010, 3.5 mins.); I Am Tom Moody, Ainslie Henderson (2012, 7 mins.); La Casa Trieste, Sophia Carrilo (2013, 12 mins.); How To Steal A Canoe, Amanda Strong (2016, 4 mins.); Luis, Cristóbal León, Joaquin Cociña, Niles Atallah (2008, 4 mins.); and Spin, Max Hattler (2012, 4 mins.). Rose Bond will be on hand to present the program.