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In the Shadow of Women

Philippe Garrel’s romantic drama is an examination of marital infidelity and a freewheeling riff on life, art, and the never ending battle of the sexes. Married couple Pierre and Manon (Stanislas Merhar and Clotilde Courau) collaborate on making documentaries. While researching a current subject—an aging Resistance fighter—at a film archive, Pierre falls hard for Elisabeth (Lena Paugam), a beautiful young intern. When Manon discovers the affair, her reaction surprises both Pierre and herself. Garrel deftly manages to depict the characters’ different perspectives in a realistic and sometimes comical way, providing a fresh take on an old story: the mindset of unfaithful husbands, possessiveness, ego, and all the sexual politics related to their actions.

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Genres: Drama, Romance

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