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In Comparison

Farocki, who boasts a distinguished career as one of Europe’s foremost documentarians and whose films often critique the valences of modern life, here trains his camera on bricks and their differing modes of production around the world, in all sorts of contexts, both machine- and man-made. Through a distanced approach virtually devoid of judgment, IN COMPARISON reveals fundamental differences and surprisingly profound similarities between disparate cultures. “I wanted to make a film about concomitance and about contemporary production on a range of different technical levels. So I looked for an object that had not changed too much in the past few thousand years. This could have been a shoe or a knife, but a brick becomes part of a building and therefore part of our environment. So the brick appears as something of a poetic object.”—Harun Farocki, Artforum.

Genres: Documentary

Other Films by Harun Farocki

Images of the World and the Inscription of War

In 1944, at the height of the Nazi threat, the US military planned to bomb an IG Farben industrial plant, which happened to be next to Auschwitz. This fact, only noticed 30 years later through examination of aerial maps, leads Farocki into an extended treatise on the power of visual machines and constructed imagery on

The Inextinguishable Fire

Farocki’s vital early short charts the US deployment of napalm in Vietnam and the larger effect of its use on society. Farocki inserts himself in the film to illustrate extremes in a groundbreaking experiment in documentary filmmaking.