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Impressions of Portland

An understated and powerful evocation of the history of violent racial incidents that lies hidden behind the placid street life of contemporary Portland.

Genres: Experimental, Short, Northwest Filmmaker

Other Films by Julie Perini

EXTRA ORDINARY: Short Films & Videos About Everyday Life by Julie Perini

Portland-based filmmaker Julie Perini has created two feature-length documentaries examining socio-political subjects and issues in the Northwest. In addition to these films, Julie has continually created short works exploring the everyday world around her through voyeurism, performance, and pop cultural contemplations. In this fun program of quirky life examinations, Julie presents a well-rounded selection of

The Gentleman Bank Robber: The Story of Butch Lesbian Freedom Fighter rita bo brown

Rita bo brown is a white, working-class butch from rural Oregon who became known as “The Gentleman Bank Robber” for combining her butch style of dress with a polite way of demanding funds from bank tellers. Part of the George Jackson Brigade, a revolutionary prison abolitionist group operating in the Pacific Northwest in the 1970s,

Arresting Power: Resisting Police Violence in Portland, Oregon

Media artists and social activists Jodi Darby, Julie Perini, and Erin Yanke’s film speaks to the history of police violence in our society, providing a framework for understanding the systems of social control in Portland and its history of exclusion laws, racial profiling, redlining, and gentrification practices. Through conversations with community leaders that include Walidah