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Directed by Romuald Karmakar

Germany 2017 105 mins. In German, English with subtitles

In this unconventional and often surprising film, Karmakar follows five longtime DJs and producers—Ricardo Villalobos, Roman Flügel, Sonja Moonear, Ata, and Move D—as they reminisce upon and point the way forward for the German techno scene. A style of rhythmic, hammering electronic music born in Detroit, techno has long captivated European audiences who frequently pack nightclubs across the continent, where DJs are often far bigger celebrities than the producers of the tracks they play nightly. Taking an insider’s approach, If I Think of Germany at Night looks at the art (and sometimes artlessness) of DJing, in particular the weird and discordant sounds one hears behind the decks, in search of the perfect mix.

Genres: Documentary

Appears in: Reel Music 36