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Directed by Mary Harron

United Kingdom, United States 1996 103 mins. In English

One could never call Mary Harron (American Psycho) a risk-averse director. Her feature-length debut is no exception: I Shot Andy Warhol is a nuanced, empathetic portrait of Valerie Solanas, radical feminist, author of the SCUM Manifesto, and perpetrator of the film’s titular act. Featuring a virtuosic performance by Lili Taylor, the film begins with that infamous 1968 attempt to assassinate Warhol (Jared Harris, in one of the better onscreen depictions of the pop art titan) and expands from there. By the film’s end, one learns a good deal about Solanas’ turbulent past, how she came to her distrust of men, and about her beef with Warhol in particular, emerging with a rare balanced portrait of a talented, yet troubled, individual.