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Directed by Adam Curtis

United Kingdom 2016 166 mins.

Adam Curtis’ (The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear, The Century of Self) ambitious inquiry takes on the chaos and uncertainty of our time and provocatively connects the dots as only he can. “Welcome to the post-truth world. You know it’s not real. But you accept it as normal. But there is more out there. Events keep happening that seem inexplicable and out of control. Donald Trump, Brexit, the War in Syria, the endless migrant crisis, random bomb attacks. And those who are supposed to be in power are paralyzed—they have no idea what to do. This film is the epic story of how we got to this strange place. It explains not only why these chaotic events are happening—but also why we, and our politicians, cannot understand them. It shows that what has happened is that all of us in the West—not just the politicians and the journalists and the experts, but we ourselves—have retreated into a simplified, and often completely fake version of the world. But because it is all around us we accept it as normal. But there is another world outside. Forces that politicians tried to forget and bury forty years ago—that then festered and mutated—but which are now turning on us with a vengeful fury. Piercing though the wall of our fake world.”—Adam Curtis.

Shown with a short intermission.

Genres: Documentary